Hello all! Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I think you’ll find I haven’t been idle. I have not been blogging my most recent museum documentation exploits because, as I may have alluded to earlier, I am currently working with sensitive collections at the Science Museum. One must always respect data security policies.

However, with a little bit of persistance, I have started a new blog series through the Science Museum’s ‘Stories from Stores’ page which will allow me to share with all of you the exciting objects I have been working with the past few months. Called ‘The Addictive History of Medicine’, this new series will explore the use of addictive drugs in medical practice. Although this can be a somewhat taboo topic, I believe it is an important and fascinating one! Follow along as the posts are published, and hopefully you will agree with me!

The first introductory post has just been published and you can find it here: http://sciencemuseumdiscovery.com/blogs/collections/the-addictive-history-of-medicine-an-introduction/